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Van Go Inc. is RVA's largest private provider of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), human services and special needs transportation in the Richmond Tri-Cities (RVA) area. We specialize in wheelchair and shuttle services for employment, medical appointments, churches, student transportation as well as special events like weddings and reunions.  The highest standards of training, courtesy and professionalism are maintained with "Patience, Kindness, Tolerance and Love," our motto for over twenty-five years.

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2016 Governor's Private Green Fleet of the Year

Based in Richmond, Van Go is one of the largest privately owned non-emergency medical transport fleets in Central Virginia. In April of 2013, Sid Del Cardayre made the decision to go all in on converting his large fleet to cleaner burning propane autogas using only private investment with no government assistance. To date, over 80% of Van Go’s 50+ vehicle fleet operates on autogas and their new vehicle purchase decisions take into consideration vehicles that are EPA-certified to run on the clean alternative.


2010 TLPA Paratransit & Contracting Operator of the Year


2016 Award for Top User of Propane Autogas

Six transit fleets including Alliance partner Van Go Transportation of Richmond VA received the 2016 award for Top User of Propane Autogas from the Propane Education & Research Council at the BusCon Expo in Indianapolis this month. The award celebrates fleets creating healthier environments for riders and cities with clean, cost-effective, and domestically-produced propane autogas. Receiving the award for Van Go was Travis Snellings, General Manager.


Van Go Transportation have been partnering with Alliance AutoGas and users of propane autogas since 2012. Sid del Cardayre from Van Go describes Van Go’s decision to go with autogas: “At first it was an ethical and environmental question based on my desire to have a green company, back in 2012. With cleaner fuel for our vehicles, not only was it better for our environment, but engines were going to break down a lot less often. Also, cleaner burning propane autogas provides less maintenance and a tremendous emission reduction, which exceeds all expectations.”